Les Compagnons
des Côtes du Rhône presentation

It was back in the 1990’s that a group of winemakers came up with the idea of a special event to express their vision of a ‘tradition in the making’. They revived and gave new life to the local festivities surrounding the ‘Ban des Vendanges’ (authorization to harvest the grapes).  Their event met with resounding success and led to the creation of the association ‘Les Compagnons des Côtes du Rhône’. Today Les Compagnons des Côtes du Rhône count some fifty members who come from many horizons and all share a common passion: promote Côtes du Rhône wines, their culture and their historical and environmental heritage.

Season 2023

The Ban des Vendanges des Côtes du Rhône

The Estivales du Rhône

The Théâtre des Sens

The Clos de la Vigne du Palais des Papes

Avignon, Capital des Côtes-du-Rône

Our actions


The Compagnons organise events related to the Côtes du Rhône wines, in particular the Ban des Vendanges and the summer Estivales du Rhône.

Exchange views

The Compagnons take part in many events organised by the Côtes du Rhône wine industry, and in gastronomic, agricultural and economy-related events organised by other associations.


Through culture, heritage and knowledge of the Côtes du Rhône terroirs, and the promotion of Côtes du Rhône winegrowers, the Compagnons share and pass on the values associated with Côtes du Rhône wines.