The meeting of culture and wine

Exceptional evening event in Avignon, capital of the Côtes du Rhône and capital of culture

#1 The event

A unique cultural and artistic event: the Théâtre des Sens brings key wine players and economic and political leaders into contact with the artists, actors, dancers and others.

#2 The venue

In a historically significant location in Avignon.

#3 Fun & friendly

Organised by the Compagnons des Côtes du Rhône, this special evening combines winemaking culture and varied artistic expressions, in a festive and convivial spirit.

#4 The wine

The makers of Côtes du Rhône wines who are associated with this event provide their very best wines.

An unmissable theater event

Year-round theatres in Avignon

Serge Barbuscia,Théâtre du Balcon

Alain Timar, Théâtre des Halles

Gérard Vantaggioli, Chien qui Fume

Gérard Gélas,Théâtre du Chêne Noir

André Benedetto, Théâtre des Carmes

Getting to Avignon

A7 Motorway

Exit Avignon Sud (coming from Marseille, Nice)

Exit Avignon Nord (coming from Lyon, Paris)

A9 Motorway

Exit Remoulins (coming from Nîmes, Montpellier, Spain)

Avignon TGV train station 6km from Avignon

2h40 from Paris, 1h from Lyon, 30 minutes from Marseille

Avignon train station

Regional trains, Inter-cités trains and TGV Paris (3h20)